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Dried Flowers
We have a huge  and unusual selection of beautiful drieds available now, pale blue and purple Statice, grasses, miscanthus and rushes, branches of sea lavender, colourful helichrysum and much more.

Spring Highlights:

Tulips - A select range of the more unusual varieties, from viridifloras, to exotic parrots, soft apricots, pale corals, rich purples and near browns.
Narcissus - White Thalia and scented Pheasant Eyes
Anemones - A wide range of traditional colours including the ravishing Pastels, the new improved florist's hybrids and panda eyed black and white
Fritillaries - Meleagris and Persica
Muscari - Grape Hyacinths, deep blue, pastel blue, white and green
Allium - lots!

Ranunculus - soft and ravishing pastels, picotees, carmines, oranges and pinks.

The list below gives you an idea of just some of our varieties throughout the season:
Achillea - Summer pastels, terracottas, yellows and whites
Asters - pale pink, white and mauves
Astilbe - in many shades
Cornflowers - blue, mauve, pink and white
Cosmos - big stars for us, all the varieties from Cupcakes and Purity to Psyche
Dahlias - a big thing for us, we have hundreds. A massive range of colours and forms, lots of white,  Cafe au Laits, buttonhole mini-poms, poms, waterlilies, dinner plates, deep velvety crimson Karma Chocs to glowing Gwyneth, psychedelic pink Karma Fuchsiana, whites with a hint of, screaming oranges, reds, crimsons and purples.
Delphiniums - whites blues, deep blues and violets
Foxgloves - Digitalis Camelot series, white, cream, rose and lavender. Species lutea and giant ferruginea
Echinacea - large range
Geum - tangerine, soft pastels, pale and strong yellows and oranges.
Gypsophila - just a bit
Helichrysum - stunning Strawflowers in all colours
Larkspur - all the colours, lavender greys, pinks, whites, clear violets and dark blues!
Linaria - exquisite small spires, white through pink to lilac and mauve.
Lysimachia - soft tall white ephemerum and clethroides
Mallow - white, rose and ruby
Nicandra - black stemmed beauties
Nicotiana - the slender Langsdorfii
Persicaria - useful spikes of red
Poppies - soft pastels, whites and blacks
Phlox - small scented spring whites, tall blue and whites later
Rudbeckia - all the lovely ones, Sahara, Chim Chiminee, Soft Pastels, Cherry Brandy and Autumn Browns.
Salvia - love Salvias!
Scabious - all these lovelies:
  • Atropurpurea in purple, white, blue, crimson, rose and apricot
  • Ochreleuca - exquisite small pale sulphur yellow
  • Native Wild - our exact counterpart to ochreleuca, small soft lilac flowers
  • Fama Blue and White
  • Perfection Blue and White
  • Giant primrose yellow
  • Knautia - melton pastels
Snapdragons - a huge range of florist's Antirrhinums, tall Potomac, Chantilly and Madame Butterfly series in all the fashionable colours
Statice - pale blues, blues, violets, apricot and sunset shades, sea lavender limonium and tartaricum
Sunflowers - white, cream and burnt orange
Sweet peas - 70 metres of them, a rainbow of colours, just imagine!
Thalictrum - gorgeous foliage, light airy stylish flowers heads
Verbena bonariensis and white and purple hastata
Veronica - white, blue and pink
Veronicastrum - tall elegant spires of white, pink and mauve
Zinnias - huge selection this year, all the Benary Giants, the Zinderellas and all the Queen Lime series.

Panicum Frosted Explosion
Pennisetum Red Buttons, White Feather, Macrourum

Amaranthus - Red Army and Hot Biscuits, Coral Fountains and green caudatus!
Ammi - airy, lacy filigree froths of white
Atriplex - plumes of plum, copper and fresh green
Basil - Aromatto
Bupleurum griffithii - looking gorgeous
Didiscus - white, pink and blue
Salvia - Viridis in blue, pink and white, Turkestanica in pink and white, dark Caradonna.

We're expanding our range of foliage this year but it will be a year or two before we get into full production
Cardoons - striking structural foliage
Ask for UK native species, it's a large farm!