Black Shed Style

2016 was a fantastic floral year for us, Tabitha, Helen and Paul, as our dream of a flower farm in Dorset grew. A combination of flowers and music, art and design. Helen was at New York Pop Fest in May, with two bands, The Chesterfields and Design. I was travelling all over the UK and abroad with my school visits and workshops, working with children of all ages and abilities. We both played with children's author band, First Draft at children's and literary festivals. It was a whirlwind year, another!

For some years our three allotments were beginning to burst to the seams with all manner of gorgeous and rather unexpected blooms, as we played with the extraordinary range of plants that grow so well here in Dorset. Our poor neighbouring allotmenteers! The weeds on their plots are very colourful...

We were accidentally and unwittingly testing our market as we messed about with the the stunning colours, palettes, textures and forms of our dahlias We were loving staging and playing, experimenting and pretending to be florists, making fields of colour, photographing the results and importantly posting them on Instagram.

Gradually our own style is emerging, perhaps it's the way we treat our flowers, as art objects, as play things, as colours and textures in an artist's palette. But with a core sense of fun and irreverence. It's not likely that we will take ourselves too seriously!

We'd accidentally created several quite visually striking events with Helen and Simon Barber's band DESIGN, using dahlias to dramatic and slightly disruptive effect but it was at their gig at Eype Church, high above the Dorset coast, that we really started to get serious interest and  an idea began to brew...

And now?
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